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Achived Health and Temperance Info
Archived information follows:   Provided by Nancy Burnett
The webmaster has added links to references which provide additional information from established
researchers on these topics.   The Cottonwood SDA Church does not practice medicine and advises
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individual medical condition.

Diet, Smoking, and Looks
-- Amazing comparisons and aging based on lifestyle

Diet, Exercise Improve Health and Brain  (from the Blaylock Report, Part I)

   "Today's world is drowning in data in the area of health. Only a few of our brighter minds truly seem to have that
deeper understanding of the wisdom Jesus admonishes us to develop regarding the gifts of our Creator to use
the systems within us to heal and repair." 

   In 1935 a group of scientists discovered that restricting the caloric intake of rats caused them to live longer.  A
link between people who overeat and premature death and another link between those who eat very little and
live long lives has been  reported.  Members of the Calorie Restriction Society advocate reducing calories
by 10-30% whcih is quite uncomfortable in the beginning.  For nutritional balnace they eat a lot of vegetables.
They report rarely feeling hungry, have an improved mood, better quality of sleep and improved clarity and

   Low calorie diets have been shown to dramaticly reduce the incidence of metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes
and high blood pressure.  The real surprise has been the effects of diet and exercise on brain function and brain
repair.  Dr. Mark Mattson, of the lab of Neuroscience has uncovered the link of excessive food intake and
brain malfunction.  Brain plasticity is enhanced, thus enhancing cognitive function by restricting food intake. 
Intricate connections between brain neurons, especially in the hippocampus, the part of the brain devoted to
learning and memory is greatly benefited by low calorie diets.  Exercise also dramatically enhances these brain
mechanisms and reduces age-related loss of brain function especially in memory and learning. Studies showed
both diet and exercise increase the size of the hippocampus and thicken the brain cortex, 2 factors associated
with better memory and learning.  

... the stomach in its overwork, and thus the mental powers are weakened. ... is affected for evil by the results
of improper diet. ... due to wrong habits of eating -- Ministry of Healing 309, 310

Physical Habits Affect the Brain.--The brain is the citadel of the being. Wrong physical habits affect the brain
and prevent the attainment of that which the students desire--a good mental discipline. Unless the youth are
versed in the science of how to care for the body as well as for the mind, they will not be successful students.
Study is not the principal cause of breakdown of the mental powers. The main cause is improper diet, irregular
 meals, a lack of physical exercise, and careless inattention in other respects to the laws of health. When we do
all that we can to preserve the health, then we can ask God in faith to bless our efforts.--CT 299 (1913). 

Those who eat and work intemperately and irrationally, talk and act irrationally. It is not necessary to drink
alcoholic liquors in order to be intemperate. The sin of intemperate eating--eating too frequently, too much, and
of rich, unwholesome food-- destroys the healthy action of the digestive organs, affects the brain, and perverts
the judgment, preventing rational, calm, healthy thinking and acting.
-- Christian Temperance and Bible Hygiene, page 155.

Cost of the Standard American Diet (SAD)

The USDA reports estimate the cost of diet related disease "conservately estimated to be at least $71 Billion
annually, by 2010 it will double to $2.6 Trillion."  Can we really afford this?

The Journal of the American Medical Association added inactivity to diet to account for 310-580,000 deaths
annually in the U.S., while more than $110 Billion is spent on fast food.  8 cancers have been positively linked
to Sugar consumption.  Colon, rectal, breast, ovarian, uterine, prostrate, kidney and cancers of the nervous
system.  $$$$  

Actual Causes of Death in the United States, 2000

Results  The leading causes of death in 2000 were tobacco (435 000 deaths; 18.1% of total US deaths),
poor diet and physical inactivity (400 000 deaths; 16.6%), and alcohol consumption (85 000 deaths; 3.5%).
Other actual causes of death were microbial agents (75 000), toxic agents (55 000), motor vehicle crashes
(43 000), incidents involving firearms (29 000), sexual behaviors (20 000), and illicit use of drugs (17 000).

Conclusions  These analyses show that smoking remains the leading cause of mortality. However, poor diet
and physical inactivity may soon overtake tobacco as the leading cause of death. These findings, along with
escalating health care costs and aging population, argue persuasively that the need to establish a more preventive
orientation in the US health care and public health systems has become more urgent.

Why sugar?  With no sugar in the body, 15 bacteria are destroyed with 1 White blood cell.  With 6
teaspoons of sugar, 10 bacteria are destroyed, with 12 teaspoons of sugar, 5.5 bacteria are
destroyed, with 24 teaspoons of sugar, 1 bacteria is destroyed.  The average American is
consuming 45 teaspoons of sugar daily!  Doubt that?  Check the labels on what you eat. 
JAMA reports 16% to 20% of an American's calories comes from sugar. The largest source
being soft drinks. 

Dr. Bernell Baldwin, after 40 years of study on "rats and mic and humans stated the saturated fats typically found
in animal products may make brain nerve communication more difficult."  His hypothesis is the brain synapses are
made more rigid by a diet rich in saturated fat, while unsaturated fats from vegetables, seeds and nuts create more
flexible membranes that promote greater communication efficiency.  We learn from these studies that Fat is capable
to affect more than our circulatory system. 

Councils on Diet and Foods p 85, "be satisfied with a simple plain diet" one that "will not weaken our digestive
organs" Testimonies Vol 3, p 568  "the brain is affected by our diet" Testimonies Vol 2, page 46.   "Let thy food be
thy medicine." Hippocrates.  Good advice for today.


Fructose and High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)
    Following is from Dr. Richard Johnson, professor of medicine at the U of Colorado where he runs the Kidney
division, and transplantation and research, wrote the "Sugar Fix" exposing dangers of HFCS.  "These being
aggressively promoted as natural sugars are in truth large scale commercial sweeteners, not promoting good health.
Finnish Sugar Company developed a method to efficiently synthesize HFCS from corn, 500,000 bushels of corn
a day, turns this into 3 billion pounds of HFCS annually, equates to 60 pounds of fructose per year.  "These days
our per capita of refined sugar is almost 150 pounds per year."

   "FDA considers sugar safe" explained Judy Folke, FDA spokesperson, "fructose is not GRAS (generally
regarded as safe) but was treated under prior sanction."  But, research suggests that in retrospect FDA assumed
too much.  Our bodies can't handle such large quantities of HFCS or sucrose.  It causes spikes in cholesterol, an
increase in lipoproteins, interferes with absorbtion of copper, (mineral needed to create hemoglobin), large factor
in diabetes, aging, and obesity, causes blood cells to be more prone to blood clotting, factor in heart disease,
raises blood pressure and major player in uric acid production. 

   Uric acid is a waste product in the body.  It has been known that large amounts are associated with gout and
high blood pressure.  What raises uric acid production?  Well known also is that meats with purine rich foods
can raise uric acid, but it turns out that the most potent way to raise uric acid production is fructose!  Within
minutes uric acid plays havoc on blood pressure, insulin production and even kidney function, weight, and
metabolic dis function, cause of many common diseases.  Is that one soda really worth it? 


Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research reports this syndrome is a disturbance in metabolism.


When one's metabolism is upset the result is disease. " It is a cluster of conditions, increased blood pressure,
elevated insulin levels, excess body fat around the waist (40" for men, 35" for women), abnormal cholesterol or
triglyceride levels.  Having just one of these conditions contribute to the risk of serious disease. 

CAUSES:  Fats and sugars, excess weight and inactivity. 

Metabolism is the sum of all physical and chemical changes that take place within an organism, all energy
and material transformation occurring within the cell, transformation of chemical energy of foodstuffs to
mechanical energy heat. 

TREATMENT  " Aggressive lifestyle changes...  Exercise:  Doctors recommend 30-60 minutes of aerobic
intensity exercise, such as brisk walking every day.  Lose Weight  Lose even 5-10% of your body weight
Control Appetite Eat less at each meal, only whole foods, fruit, vegetables, legumes, nuts, grains.

Appetite  "Satan can find access to the soul through appetite."  Ev 115 "Prayer is necessary to control appetite."
MYP 223  "Christ gives strength for control of appetite."  5T 510 " Control impossible without God's help." MM144
additional sources. 
Testimonies and other compilations on Appetite
Sanctified Life - Appetite
Ellen White, Lifestyle, and Scriptural Interpretation - by Gerard Damsteegt
   PhytochemicalsFruits and vegetables are high in Vitamin C, folic acid and other protective substances, as plant sterols and protease inhibitors.  Plant sterols greatly decrease the incidence and growth of colon tumors.  Some protease inhibitors found in legumes also act to suppress the initiation of cancer. 

WHOLE GRAINS are rich in phenolic compound acids as well as other health promoting phytochemicals, as lignans, flavonoids, phytosterols, phytates and tocotrienols.  The Nurses Health study showed a 30-40% reduction of heart disease and type 2 diabetes with those with the highest intake of whole grains.  Another study showed a reduction of 20-50% in all causes of death with those on the highest intake of whole grains because 90% or more of the phytochemicals are in the bran and in the germ portion of the kernel. 

The National Cancer Institute has identified about 3 dozen plant foods that possess cancer protective properties.  The ones with the highest anticancer activity include garlic, soybeans, cabbage, ginger, licorice root, the umbelliferious vegetables, as carrots, celery, cilantro, caraway, dill, parsley, and parsnips.  Modest level of cancer protective agents include onions, flax, citrus, cruciferous vegetables, solanaccous vegetables as tomatoes, bell peppers, whole grains and brown rice.  

CITRUS:  In one orange we find 150 phytochemicals that activate the enzyme that eliminates cancer causing substances and inhibit tumor cell growth.  The 40 liminoids in citrus stimulate an enzyme which help eliminate cancer agents.  20 carotenoids protect against age related macular degeneration.  The white skin of citrus contain chemicals which protect against breast cancer.  Even the skin contains limonene which protects against cancer. 

DNA Repair accomplished by the sulfer compounds in garlic and onions by detoxifying and eliminating.  And so it goes with all plants that our Creator has given us to protect our good health and strength.

   "Eat in due season, for strength and not for for drunkenness."  Ecclesiastes 10:17

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