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Good News TV Reaches Arizona and Beyond


GNTV engineering crew includes Moses Tyler (Farmington, N.M.), Stephen Denny (GNTV and Brazos TV, Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas), Leland Preston (Phoenix, Ariz.), Luke Skelton (media ministries director, Arizona Conference), and Roger Doering (Camp Verde, Ariz.).

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Good News TV (GNTV) and GNTV Latino have been broadcasting in Phoenix since 2009, and they are expanding throughout Arizona and beyond. The digital TV channels air a custom mix of spiritual programming from 3ABN, Hope Channel, Loma Linda Broadcasting Network (LLBN), plus locally produced programs. As a result, many viewers have visited and joined Seventh-day Adventist churches.

In 2010, the FCC opened a rare window to apply for permits to build TV stations throughout the US. “We had no funds to expand and build at the time,” shares Luke Skelton, director of media ministry for the Arizona Conference, “but we were impressed to step out in faith and apply, asking the Lord to make new TV stations throughout Arizona a reality.”

After three years of prayer and planning — plus many donations and hours of work from supporters and volunteers, the first new stations in Prescott, Payson and Flagstaff officially started broadcasting in May, with additional locations planned for the near future.

GNTV (English and Spanish) are the only Christian channels broadcasting over-the-air in all three of these communities, as well as the only Spanish channel in Prescott and Payson.


The crew arrived at the tower site with the equipment and found their first challenge. Besides the nest of rattlesnakes around the work area, the antenna shipped was bright orange, not approved for the US Forest Service site. They were also missing a critical connector to attach the cabling to the antenna. They found solutions, and now the gospel message is airing in Prescott, Prescott Valley, and as far as Chino Valley on channels 32.1 and 32.2.


After the equipment was installed in Payson, there was trouble. Every time the transmitter was powered up to start broadcasting, it shut down. Engineers rechecked every aspect of the equipment. Then a team member spoke a simple prayer: “Lord, please help this transmitter to work so we can get the station on the air.” The very next time the transmitter was powered on, it worked without any problems and never failed again, even after several subsequent restarts. GNTV airs in Payson on channels 38.1 and 38.2


Awaiting the late arrival of major equipment, the team installed what they could in Flagstaff. The next morning, the antenna had arrived to the shippers dock, but part of the transmitter was lost in shipment. The team prayed again, and the shipment turned up. With the 20-foot antenna on a 10-foot trailer, the team drove carefully to Flagstaff and installed it on the 80-foot tower on top of Mount Elden before Sabbath. GNTV airs in Payson on channels 19.1 and 19.2


Hope Channel informed Jose Miramontes, a Pentecostal Christian TV station owner, that GNTV was in the process of expanding. He contacted Luke Skelton, offering to broadcast programming for three years in exchange for helping him build his Yuma station by purchasing his broadcasting equipment and paying his monthly operating expenses.

Skelton asked Miramontes if he would sell his station. He agreed for an over-market value price of $150,000. The GNTV team continued praying and negotiating. Miramontes eventually sold his station for just $10,000, because GNTV would be airing Christian programming in both English and Spanish, 24 hours a day, which was a fulfillment of his dream. The Yuma Central church has committed financially to help build the new station in southern Arizona, whose broadcast signal will reach into Mexico.

Future Growth

Gifts totaling over $250,000 from churches, viewers, organizations, and individual supporters enabled GNTV to create these first four new stations. Fundraising is an ongoing process in order to help secure future stations. Presently, $43,000 exists in matching funds to “double your donation” of any amount.

As the money comes in, they will pursue stations in Lake Havasu, Bullhead City, Kingman, and Verde Valley. In Tucson, a large metro community, plans are to lease channels from an existing station, as is done in Phoenix.

“Localized TV evangelism works," says Skelton. "GNTV’s English or Spanish program stream can be sent to any community, large or small, where it can be localized and broadcast to reach viewers’ hearts for Jesus 24 hours a day. Our team is committed to helping any church provide broadcast media to their communities.”

To learn how to bring GNTV to a community near you, or to donate, call 480-264-1116 and visit


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