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2018-08-11 Az Sonshine International Lives Touched
2018-08-04 Pastor Bob Lawson Restoring Usefullness
2018-07-28 Elder John Allen Love Letters
2018-07-21 Pastor Bob Lawson Restoring Community
2018-07-14 Pastor Bob Lawson Restoring Vision
2018-07-07 Elder Jac Colon                America, Land of the Free                   
2018-06-30 Elder Jac Colon It is, What is It?
2018-06-23 Pastor Bob Lawson Down From the Mountain
2018-06-16 Dr Terry Johnsson A Mother's Prayer      Az Campmeeting
2018-06-09 David Livermore King Sized Mistake     Az Campmeeting
2018-06-02 Pastor Bob Lawson They May Forget
2018-05-26 Elder Don Quick Thou Shalt Not Kill
2018-05-19 Pastor Bob Lawson The Call to Remember
2018-05-12 Pastor Bob Lawson Seeking the Truth in Love
2018-05-05 Elder John Schachinger Like an Airport
2018-04-28 Elder Al Scott Take Away the Stone
2018-04-21 Pastor A Day of Days
2018-04-14 Elder Jac Colon From Cockpit to Pulpit
2018-04-07 Elder Jim Stevens 1:30 pm Evangelism Prep Meeting
2018-04-07 Elder Jim Stevens Seeing is Believing
2018-03-31 Pastor Bob Lawson       Home At Last                                           
   Bulletin         Speaker                             Sermon Title
2018-03-24 Elder Ricci Vergara What's in a Name?
2018-03-17 Elder Jac Colon All Shook Up
2018-03-10 Pastor Bob Lawson The Enemy Within
2018-03-03 Pastor Bob Lawson Breaking Down the Walls
2018-02-24 Elder Reggie Leach Our Hearts Follow Our Treasures
2018-02-18 Friends, Family & Pastor Kathleen Collins Memorial
2018-02-17 Pastor Bob Lawson Getting Wet Feet
2018-02-10 Pastor Bob Lawson It's Time
2018-02-03 Pastor Bob Lawson Voices and Choices
2018-01-27 Elder Tod Moore For Pitty's Sake
2018-01-20  TAA Chorale & Jac Colon What Prayer Can Do                                    
2018-01-13 Pastor Bob Lawson One body, One Blood
2018-01-06 Pastor Bob Lawson Prayer in Uncertain Times
2017-12-30 Elder John Allen A New Year's Resolution ?
2017-12-23 Cottonwood Church The Night Hope Was Born
2017-12-16 Pastor Bob Lawson The Grand Prize Gardener
2017-12-09 Pastor Bob Lawson The Way to Peace
2017-12-02 Pastor Bob Lawson Greatness from Littleness
2017-11-25 Elder Dennis Canther Give Thanks
2017-11-18 Pastor Bob Lawson      I Am the Resurrection and the Life         
Bulletin Speaker Sermon
2017-11-11 Pastor Bob Lawson Safe in the Saviour's Care
2017-11-04 Pastor Bob Lawson Light Destroys Darkness
2017-10-28 Elder Richard Gore Good Enough Just Isn't
2017-10-21 Pastor Bob Lawson Feast Fit for a King
2017-10-14 Pastor Bob Lawson Able to Stand
2017-10-07 Pastor Bob Lawson Love's Laboratory
2017-09-30 Pastor Bob Lawson The Mystery Revealed
2017-09-23 Thomas Ongasa Jesus Offers Another Chance
2017-09-16 John Schachinger Another Crazy Idea
2017-09-09 Pastor Lawson Walking as One
2017-09-02 Pastor Lawson Experiencing Heaven Today
2017-08-26 Elder Don Quick John 3:16 Won't Save You
2017-08-19 Elder Al Scott Stories  (technical difficulty)
2017-08-12   Pastor Lawson                   Practicing for the Heavenly Choir                   
Bulletin Speaker          Sermon
2017-08-05 Pastor Bob Lawson Last Day Directives
2017-07-29 Pastor Bob Lawson Full Extent of Love
2017-07-22 Pastor Bob Lawson Who Is Invited
2017-07-15 Pastor Bob Lawson Called for Service
2017-07-08 Keith Wallace Are You Sure God Really Loves You?
2017-07-01 Michael Harris Come Unto Me
2017-06-24 Elder Dave Hilbers Home
2017-06-17 Ron Halvorson, jr My God Recycles Az Campmeeting
2017-06-10 Lonnie Melashenko The Missing Piece aka The 2nd Touch
2017-06-03 Pastor Bob Lawson Walking With God in Your Youth
2017-05-27 Elder David Salem The Hero Among Us
2017-05-20 Pastor Bob Lawson Walking and Working
2017-05-13 Pastor Bob Lawson Genuine Faith
2017-05-06 Pastor Bob Lawson      Walking With God                                  
Bulletin      Speaker                      Sermon Title                      
2017-04-29 Pastor Bob Lawson Promise Fulfilled
2017-04-22 Elder Dennis Canther O Great God
2017-04-15 Crossroads Pastor You Too can Walk on Water
2017-04-8-15 Autumn Bennett, Al Scott
& Pastor
Crossroads Series
2017-04-08 Pastor Bob Lawson Shining Bright
2017-04-01 Pastor Bob Lawson Living to Get into Trouble
2017-03-25 Elder Ricci Vergara Only God Can Create a Tree
2017-03-18 Pastor Bob Lawson The Final Night
2017-03-11 CYIZA Music Ministry The Story of Redemption
2017-03-04 Elder Don Quick Sand or Stone
2017-02-25 Elder Richard Gore Mayday, Mayday
2017-02-18 Pastor Bob Lawson Killing Pride
2017-02-11 Pastor Bob lawson Stand Up
2017-02-04 Pastor Bob Lawson Decisions for Destiny
2017-01-28 Elder John Allan Staying Out of the Thorn Trees
2017-01-21 Elder Tim Roosenberg Sabbath School Class on Dan 11
2017-01-21 Elder Tim Roosenberg Surviving & Thriving in Troubled Times         
2017-01-14 Elder Tim Roosenberg Forgiven and Renewed
2017-01-07 Pastor Bob Lawson Season for New Beginnings    
10 Meetings    Elder Tim Roosenberg     Islam and Christianity in Bible Prophecy
Bulletin Speaker Sermon Title
2016-12-31 Pastor Bob Lawson Final Victory
2016-12-24 Elder Tod Moore Where is the Light
2016-12-17 Cottonwood Church Sing the Story
2016-12-10 Elder Dave Hilbers Forgiven
2016-12-03 Elder Ed Keyes X-mas?
2016-11-26 Pastor Bob Lawson How Long Must I Wait
2016-11-19 Pastor Bob Lawson Have a Happy Thanks Living
Pastor Bob Lawson
Chef Mark Anthony
Wise Investments
2016-11-05      Pastor Bob Lawson Making All Things New   Truth part 4                         
2016-10-29  Pastor Bob Lawson An Example of Readiness
2016-10-22 David Salem Crisis at the Close
2016-10-15 Pastor Bob Lawson Home Survival Kit      Truth part 4
2016-10-08 Pastor Bob Lawson Freedom to Obey      Truth Part 3
2016-10-01 Pastor Bob lawson                 Will the Real God Please Stand Up Truth 2     
Bulletin Speaker Sermon Title
2016-09-24 Elder Don Quick You Can't Tell the Players w/o a Program
2016-09-17 Elder John Schachinger Flying Blind
2016-09-10 Pastor Bob Lawson The Quest for Unity Truth Part 1
2016-09-03 Pastor Bob Lawson Fairest Lord Jesus
2016-08-27 Elder Al  Scott Secret to Sucessful Christian Walk
2016-08-20 Pastor Bob Lawson Exceeding Expectations
Pastor Bob Lawson
Elder Tim Roosenberg
Enduring Grace
Islam and Christianity
2016-08-06 Pastor Bob Lawson Not Ashamed
2016-07-30 Pastor Bob Lawson Never Forget
2016-07-23 Elder Dennis Canther Weather Forecast
2016-07-16 Pastor Bob Lawson Keeping Love Alive
2016-07-09 Pastor Bob Lawson Hearing to Repent
2016-07-02 Pastor Bob Lawson Freedom's Price
2016-06-25 Elder Richard Gore Let Go and Hold On
2016-06-18 Pastor Bob Lawson The Grand Reunion
2016-05-28 Elder Al Scott Keeping Watch
2016-05-21 Pastor Bob Lawson Get Out of the Boat
2016-05-14 Pastor Bob Lawson Freedom From Debt  Lovell Tomlnsn                
2016-05-07 Pastor Bob Lawson Best Motherly Counsel Ever Given
2016-04-30 Pastor Bob Lawson The Emblems of Sacrifice
2016-04-23 Elder Dave Hilbers Lost and Found
2016-04-16 Elder John Allen Never Give Up
2016-04-09   Pastor Bob Lawson         Changing Our Thinkin  ch sty carol
2016-04-02 Pastor Bob Lawson Because He Lives                    
Bulletin        Speaker                Sermon Title                                       
2016-03-26 Cottonwood SDA Church The Last Passover
2016-03-19 Pastor Bob Lawson Always Seeking
2016-03-12 Pastor Bob Lawson Leaving A Witness
2016-03-05 Pastor Bob Lawson Understanding Unquenchable Fire
2016-02-27 Elder Ricci Vergara The Love of God
2016-02-20 Thunderbird Academy TAA Presentation
2016-02-13 Pastor Bob Lawson Incubator of Love
2016-02-06 Pastor Bob Lawson Remember Lot's Wife
2016-01-30 Pastor Bob Lawson Living Liberty
2016-01-23 Autumn Bennett Essential Vitamins
2016-01-16 Pastor Bob Lawson Why So Narrow
2016-01-09 Pastor Bob Lawson The Keys for Revival
2016-01-02 Pastor Bob Lawson Things New and Old
2015-12-26 Elder Greg Collins Thoughts on Thinking
2015-12-19 Pastor & Church Christmas Program - Home at Last
2015-12-12 Pastor Bob Lawson Called As a Witness
2015-12-05 Pastor Bob Lawson The Building Crescendo                                  

Speaker                       Sermon Title
2015-11-28 Elder Schachinger Amazed
2015-11-21 Pastor Bob Lawson Heavenly Praise
2015-11-14 Pastor Bob Lawson Completed Worship
2015-11-07 Pastor Bob Lawson Hearing God's Voice
2015-10-31 Pastor Bob Lawson This Do In Remembrance of Me                  
2015-10-24 Elder Al Scott The Roman Road
2015-10-17 Pastor Bob Lawson Wilderness to Worship
2015-10-10 Pastor Bob Lawson Ready for Jesus to Come
2015-10-03 Pastor Bob Lawson Vision from the Heart      
2015-09-26 Elder DennisCanther Teach Us to Love            
2015-09-15 Pastor Bob Lawson Use What You've Got
2015-09-12 Pastor Bob Lawson Stocking Up
2015-09-05 The Golan Singers Singing Unto the Lord
2015-08-29 John & Mary Giger This is the day ... concert   website
Bulletin Speaker                   Sermon Title
2015-08-22 Elder Todd Moore A Light in the Dark
2015-08-15 Pastor Bob Lawson Found Faithful
2015-08-08 Pastor Bob Lawson Praying in Uncertain Times
2015-08-01 Pastor Bob Lawson Battle With An Angel
2015-07-25 Elder Charles White James & Ellen, Up Close 2pm  Presentation1         Presentation 2
2015-07-18 Elder Joe Galabit Coming Back to Himself
2015-07-11 Pastor Bob Lawson Waiting Wisely
2015-07-04 Elder John Allen Miracles
2015-06-27 Elder Dave Hilbers Keep On Walking
2015-06-20 Elder Shawn Boonstra             Seizing Canaan
2015-06-13 Elder Ted Wilson Christ & His Righteousness
2015-06-06 Pastor Bob Lawson Why Are We Here
2015-05-30 Pastor Bob Lawson What Have They Seen?
2015-05-23 Elder Richard Gore The Promise
2015-05-16    Pastor Bob Lawson The Open Arms of Mercy
Bulletin Speaker Sermon Title
2015-05-09 Pastor Bob Lawson Who Wants To Be A Missionary?
2015-05-02 Pastor Bob Lawson The Joy of Finding
2015-04-25 Elder Tod Moore Sliding Into Home
2015-04-18 Pastor Bob Lawson Thunder in the Holy Land - Talking Stones
2015-04-11 Pastor Bob Lawson Breaking Bread
2015-04-04 Cottonwood Church The Long Journey of Faith -- Rd to Emaeus
2015-03-28 Elder Ricci Vergara The Six Trials of Jesus
2015-03-21 David Sturm Searching for God
2015-03-14 Pastor Bob Lawson God keeps His Word
2015-03-07 Pastor Bob Lawson Breaking the Stranglehold
2015-02-28 Pastor Bob Lawson Does It Really Matter?
2015-02-21 Pastor Bob Lawson Meet Him Again
2015-02-14 Lynn Harris In Change He Faithful Will Remain
2015-02-07 Pastor Bob Lawson     Controlling Love of Christ
Bulletin Speaker Sermon Title
2015-01-31 Pastor Lawson Proof of the Positive
2015-01-24 Pastor Lawson Causing the World to Worship
2015-01-17 Pastor Lawson Retrofitting God's House        Bulletin Insert
2015-01-10 King's Heralds King's Herald's Gospel quartet
2015-01-03 Pastor Lawson Pressing Toward the Prize
2014-12-27 Keith Wallace Just Who Was and Is Jesus?
2014-12-20 Pastor Lawson What Will You Do With HIM?
2014-12-13 Elder Dennis Canther Pursue Holiness                           
2014-12-06 Elder Dave Hilbers First or Last
2014-11-29 Pastor Lawson Satisfying the Starving Soul
2014-11-22 Pastor Lawson How to Truly Give Thanks
2014-11-15 Pastor Lawson Being Reverent in an Irreverent Age
2014-11-08 Elder Richard Gore Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So
2014-11-01 Pastor Lawson Getting Dressed Up
Bulletin Speaker Sermon Title
2014-07-12 Elder Walter Arties What Is A Man?
2014-07-05 Pastor Lawson Free At Last
2014-06-28 Pastor lawson Blood Brothers
2014-06-07 Elder Bill Basham Works Do Follow Part 1,   Part 2
2014-05-31 Pastor Lawson Critical Crossroads
2014-05-24 Pastor Lawson Securing Your Fortune
2014-05-17 Pastor Lawson A Place of Joy
2014-05-10 Elder Dennis Canther                           Who Is My Mother? childrens story Shirley Canther   special music Autumn Heim Bennett
2014-05-03 Pastor Lawson Healing Joy
2014-04-26 Gus Martin Wake Up call
2014-04-19 Pastor Lawson Christ's Resurrection - and Your's
2014-04-12  Elder JohnAllen  Preppers children's story sharfarz  sp music lidner - kleine  
Bulletin Speaker Sermon Title                                
2014-04-05 Pastor Lawson            Beating Buyer's Remorse       #9
2014-03-29 Pastor Lawson Parade of Homes                   #8
2014-03-22 Tom Macomber Good Fruits
2014-03-15 Pastor Lawson Inspection Time                      #7
2014-03-08 Pastor Lawson Finishing Time                        #6
2014-03-01 The King's Heralds Ministry in Music -- web site                        
2014-02-22 Pastor Lawson Installing the Lines                  #5
2014-02-15 Pastor Lawson Frame Up                               #4
2014-02-08 Elder Dave Hilbers The Plan
2014-02-01 Pastor Bob Lawson Lay the Foundation                #3
2014-01-25 Pastor Bob Lawson Using the Blueprint                 #2
2014-01-18 Pastor Bob Lawson Hire THE General Contractor  #1
Bulletin Speaker            Sermon Title                             
2014-01-11 Ricci Vergara Presenters of Christ
2014-01-04 Pastor Bob Lawson What Christ Makes New
2013-12-28 Elder Dennis Canther Get in the Wheelbarrow
2013-12-21 Cottonwood Church Christmas Program to our Lord Jesus Christ
2013-12-14 Elder Ed Keyes No Room
2013-12-07 Pastor Bob Lawson The Events Bigger than Christmas
2013-11-30 Elder Robert Nordman Manna from Heaven
2013-11-23 Pastor Bob Lawson Thankful beyond the Obvious
2013-11-16 Pastor Bob Lawson A People of Vision
2013-11-09 Elder Richard Gore Three Gallons
2013-11-02 Pastor Bob Lawson View, Viewpoints, and Vision      
Bulletin Speaker         Sermon Title          
2013-10-26 Pastor Bob Lawson Living Bread, Forgiving Wine
2013-10-19 Pastor Lawson Hope Mortuary
2013-10-12 Pastor Lawson Racing with Hope Lovell Help Is On the Way
2013-10-05 Pastor Bob Lawson Growing With Hope
2013-09-28 Pastor Bon Lawson Rechargeable Hope
2013-09-21 pastor Bob Lawson The Blessed Hope
2013-09-14  Pastor Bob Lawson     Is There Hope for Me?  Love Hope Security
Bulletin Speaker Title
2013-09-07 Pastor Bob Lawson Soul Food -- Love Hope Security begins
2013-08-31 Dr. Jim Joseph Christian
2013-08-24 Pastor Joy Beyond Belief
2013-08-13 Pastor Bob Lawson Just In Time
2013-08-10 Elder Jeremy Smith Do You Desire Deliverance
2013-08-03 Pastor Bob Lawson Lambs Among Wolves
2013-07-20 Pastor Bob Lawson The Radical Prayer
2013-07-13 Elder Greg Collins Giving / Taking / Matching
2013-07-06 Pastor Bob Lawson The Radical Problem
2013-06-29 Pastor Bob Lawson Looking Out for the Interest of Others     
2013-06-22 Pastor Bob Lawson   A Radical Perspective                        
Bulletin Speaker               Title                                            
2013-06-01 Pastor Bob Lawson The Power to Change the World
2013-05-25 Pastor Bob Lawson What Love !
2013-05-18 Elder Jose Marin The Church That Jesus Dreamt                 
2013-05-11 Elder Dennis Canther A Mother's Prayer
2013-05-04 Pastor Bob Lawson Walking As Jesus Walked
2013-04-27 Elder Jeremy Smith I Desire Mercy
2013-04-20 Pastor Bob Lawson Filled with Joy
2013-04-13 Tbird SDA Academy Acrobat Team - Mission Trip
2013-04-06 Pastor Bob Lawson The Heart of Worship
2013-03-30 Pastor Bob Lawson Christ's Gifts to You
2013-03-23 Elder Richard Gore The Long Walk Home        
2013-03-16 Pastor Bob Lawson Feeble Promises
2013-03-09 Elder Dave Hilbers 707 Golden Street Welcome Home
2013-03-02 Pastor Bob Lawson Learning Responsibility
2013-02-23 Carol Lawson The Spirit of Pathfinders
2013-02-16 Pastor Bob Lawson Prevailing Prayer
2013-02-09 Elder Duane Bauer Evangelism You and Me
Pastor Bob Lawson
Learning to Trust
Thunderbird Adventist Academy Chorale   
2013-01-19 Pastor Bob Lawson Living in Liberty
2013-01-12 Elder George Heim Wheat and Tares
2013-01-05 Pastor Bob Lawson When They Prayed
2012-12-29 Elder Dennis Canther A Joyful Celebration
2012-12-22 Cottonwood Church Christmas Program                           
Date Speaker Title
2012-12-15 Pastor Bob Lawson An Extraordinary Message to the Ordinary
2012-12-08 Elder Richard Gore God Is On Trial
2012-12-01 Pastor Bob Lawson Advent for the Adventist
2012-11-24 Pastor Bob Lawson The Power of Praise
2012-11-17 Pastor Bob Lawson Faith in Action
2012-11-10 Don and Donna Mohl Folk Mountain Gospel
2012-11-03 Pastor Bob Lawson Faith Is the Victory
2012-10-27 Pastor Bob Lawson Induction into God's Hall of Fame Heb. 11
2012-10-20 Elder Tony Anobile Jesus Wants You to be With Him
2012-10-13 Elder Dave Hilbers Great News
2012-10-06 Pastor Bob Lawson Holding Fast to Hope Hebrews 9
2012-09-29 Pastor Bob Lawson Better Than Anyone Else Hebrews 8
2012-09-22 Pastor Bob Lawson Symbols of Victory Hebrews 7
2012-09-15 Pastor Bob Lawson Change You Can Believe In Hebrews 6
2012-09-08 Elder Jeremy Smith What A Privilege
2012-09-01 Pastor Bob Lawson All the Help You Need Hebrews 5
2012-08-25 Pastor Bob Lawson  Rest for the Weary Hebrews 4                  
Date Speaker Title
2012-08-18 Dottie Eddlemon His Amazing Grace
2012-08-11 Glenn Sta. Ana An Open Door
2012-08-04 Pastor Bob Lawson Faithfulness to the Faithful God Hebrews 3
2012-07-28 Pastor Bob Lawson The Only Escape (Hebrews 2)
2012-07-21 Pastor Bob Lawson More Than You Will Ever Know (Hebrews 1) 
2012-07-14 Elder Dennis Canther Ambassador of God's Love
2012-07-07 Elder Walter Arties Who Is This Jesus?
2012-06-30 Pastor Bob Lawson The Promise Fulfilled
2012-06-23 Pastor Bob Lawson Handling the Hurtful
2012-06-02 Pastor Bob Lawson Standing for Your Faith
2012-05-26 Pastor Bob Lawson Markers On the Way
2012-05-19 Pastor Bob Lawson 324 Million Dollar Scam
2012-05-12  Elder Richard Gore Lift Him Up
2012-05-05 Pastor Bob Lawson The Beginning and the Ending
2012-04-28 Pastor Bob Lawson Finishing the Race
2012-04-21 Pastor Bob Lawson Living in the Blessed Hope
2012-04-14 Elder George Heim The Testimony of Jesus                          
2012-04-07 Pastor Bob Lawson Salvation Complete
2012-03-31 Pastor Bob Lawson In the Room
2012-03-24 Pastor Bob Lawson The 8th Church of Revelation
2012-03-17 Pastor Bob Lawson Living a Life of Integrity
2012-03-10 Elder Jeremy Smith    Our Greatest Need
2012-03-03 Pastor Bob Lawson Keys to Revival
2012-02-25 Pastor Bob Lawson Strengthening the Hands
2012-02-18 Pastor Bob Lawson Winning While Losing
2012-02-11 Elder Duane Bauer What is Faith?
2012-02-04 Pastor Bob Lawson Meeting the Attacks
2012-01-28 Pastor Bob Lawson What is Your Part?
2012-01-21 Pastor Bob Lawson Seeing the Invisible
2012-01-14 Elder Greg Collins Power to Change the World - Pathfinders   
2012-01-07 Pastor Bob Lawson Beginning Again
12-31-2011 Pastor Bob Lawson New Every Morning
12-17-2011 Pastor Bob Lawson Who Is This Christ? // Powerpoint //ppt PDF
12-10-2011 Elder Dennis Canther Giving Good Gifts
12-03-2011 Pastor Bob Lawson A Time to Believe
11-26-2011 Pastor Bob Lawson My Thanks for God
11-19-2011 Pastor Bob Lawson When Jesus Came ... to the Powerful
11-05-2011 Pastor Bob Lawson When Jesus Came ... to the Hopeless?        
10-29-2011 Pastor Bob Lawson When Jesus Came ... to the Outcast
10-22-2011 Pastor Bob Lawson When Jesus Came ... to the Hurting
10-15-2011 Pastor Bob Lawson When Jesus Came ... to His Friends
10-08-2011 Elder Jeremy Smith The Humble He Teaches His Way
09-10-2011 Elder George Heim Gossip el of Self 
09-03-2011 Pastor Bob Lawson Living It Out                                                      \
08-27-2011 Pastor Bob Lawson Life At the Top
08-20-2011 Pastor Bob Lawson In Sync
08-13-2011 Elder Rubin Escalente Forgotten Bounty
07-23-2011 Pastor Bob Lawson The Real Magna Carta
07-16-2011 Pastor Bob Lawson Mind Your Lord's Business
07-09-2011 Elder Dave Hilbers Ready Or Not
07-02-2011 Pastor Bob Lawson The Cost of Freedom
06-25-2011 Pastor Bob Lawson A Time to Rededicate
06-04-2011 Pastor Bob Lawson Found Loving
05-28-2011 Pastor Bob Lawson Found Growing
05-21-2011 Pastor Bob Lawson Found Knowing
05-14-2011 Elder Dave Hilbers Pathfinder Sabbath
05-07-2011 Pastor Bob Lawson Found Faithful
04-23-2011 Pastor Bob Lawson The Power of the Resurrection
04-16-2011 Pastor Bob Lawson The Power of the Cross
04-09-2011 Elder Dennis Canther The Love Relationship
03-26-2011 Pastor Bob Lawson True Communion
03-19-2011 Pastor Bob Lawson Threefold Work of the Spirit
03-12-2011 Elder George Heim 12 Men, 13 Reactions
03-15-2011 Pastor Bob Lawson What Can Happen in 40 Days
02-19-2011  Pastor Bob Lawson       The Danger of Loving
02-12-2011 Elder Jeremy Smith How Important Is God?
02/05/2011 Pastor Bob Lawson Short Sheets and Narrow Covers               
01/29/2011 Pastor Bob Lawson Blinded by Success
01/22/2011 Pastor Bob Lawson A Robber Rewarded - pause at start
01/15/2011 Pastor Bob Lawson Why Couldn't We?
01/08/2011 Elder Duane Bauer Happy Home
01/01/2011 Pastor Bob Lawson Making the Lasting Connection
12/25/2010 Pastor Bob Lawson The Great Event
12/18/2010 Christmas Program Home at Last
12/11/2010 Elder Greg Collins Honest Money
11/27/2010 Elder Dennis Canther Blemishes
11/20/2010 Pastor Bob Lawson How to Have a Happy Thanksgiving
11/5 -11/20 Elder Jeremy Smith ** Peace in God's Word **  -- Series
11/13/2010 Elder Rico Hill Divine Prescription
11/06/2010 Pastor Bob Lawson Live Again
10/30/2010 Pastor Bob Lawson Safe in the Shepherd's Care
10/23/2010 Pastor Bob Lawson The Light of the World
10/16/2010 Pastor Bob Lawson Feast Fit For A King - pause @ start
10/09/2010 Elder Richard Gore Expectations
10/02/2010 Pastor Bob Lawson Our Beginning and Our Future
09/25/2010 Pastor Bob Lawson    Time to Taste                                                
09/18/2010  Gay Frank                       No Bread                                                              
09/11/2010 Elder Duane Bauer       Where Is Hell?
08/28/2010 Pastor Bob Lawson How to Get What You Can't Afford
08/21/2010 Pastor Bob Lawson Lessons from the Trail
08/14/2010 Elder Jeremy Smith At Caiphas's House
08/07/2010 Elder Jaime Jorge Violin Special
07/31/2010 Pastor Bob Lawson Feeling the Heat
07/24/2010 Pastor Bob Lawson It's You
07/17/2010 Pastor Bob Lawson Finishing the Race
07/10/2010 Elder George Heim The Church and School
07/03/2010 Pastor Bob Lawson Dependent Independence                       

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