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A Communiqué from the Office of the President
July 2018
"He who has the Son has life..."  -- 1 John 5:12

It is a pleasure to share with Arizona constituents and friends the many wonderful things happening within our Conference. May you catch our vision for winning men and women, boys and girls to Jesus!

The Perfect Ten, Part Eleven
The Fifth Commandment (part three)  
"Honor your mother and father, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you." Exodus 20:12
As we look at the fifth commandment again this month, we will look at the "Father" part of this commandment, since last month we looked at the "Mother" part.  
Father's Day has just passed and it was great to get cards from my daughter Becky and my son Andrew. They are always so nice telling me what a great dad I was when they were growing up which means so much to me. Becky even got me a mug which says "The World's Best Dad!" and Andrew got me a nice pair of binoculars to watch ballgames from the nosebleed seats.
Well I sure hope I was the great dad my kids think I was. But one thing for sure is I feel like I've got the best kids in the world because they do "honor their mother and their father."
God commands us to honor our parents. And as I said in a previous article, sometimes that seems really hard to do. Unfortunately, there are a lot of less honor-worthy parents out there -- particularly dads. So let's try thinking like Christ did. After all it is biblical. Paul say we should put on the mind of Christ.
Honor your father by connecting with him. Talk to him, find out who he is and what his life was like. I remember shortly before my dad passed away asking him what he thought of God. This was risky because he really didn't like talking about religion or politics. But surprisingly he shared quite a bit.
He had been in some of the bloodiest battles of World War II, including the "Battle of the Bulge." I asked him if he had a difficult time reconciling a God of love with all the death and devastation he endured during the war. My dad gave me such a great Adventist great controversy answer. He simply said, "We live in a world of evil. It's not God's fault people choose to do wrong and make a mess in the process."  
I thought long and hard about that answer and realized "he's got it." It's about the choices we make, and the freedom of choice is incredibly high on God's list of values.
We all have the choice to honor, respect, and love our fathers. If we keep this commandment we will indeed be blessed by God in ways we've never thought about.  
May our true Father, the One who looks after all our needs, both earthly and heavenly, truly receive from us the honor He deserves.
June is probably the easiest month of my year for a travel log since I spend almost the whole month at Camp Yavapines in Prescott. Although I'm there most of the month there's still a lot to report on.
Dr. Harrison and Becky Filler
June 1-3, Lillian and I were in Birmingham, Alabama to celebrate my son-in-law Harrison Filler's graduation from the University of Alabama Birmingham Dental School. We had a wonderful time with all the family at this special occasion and we are so proud of Harrison's accomplishment. Congratulations!
Our Fabulous Team
I was back in the Arizona Conference office on June 4 and 5 getting as much done as I could before the Camp Meeting season began. On June 6 I headed up to Prescott for camp pitch with a three-week supply of necessities.
My little dog, Kora, really enjoyed hiking every morning at 4:45 in the Prescott wilderness for those three weeks.
From June 7-16 we had our annual Arizona Conference Camp Meeting. Since my first Camp Meeting here in 2003 I have always heard good comments about our Camp Meeting, but never so many as this year. The Camp Meeting Choir and Orchestra, under the direction of Dennis Marsollier, was amazing, and Christine Wollmann and Gale Jones Murphy were awesome with their musical talents as well.
Elder Richie Halversen
Each speaker really touched the hearts and minds of our attendees in a deeply spiritual way. Dave Livermore, Richie Halversen, and Terry Johnsson all made special appeals and many came forward to either be baptized, recommitted to Christ, or simply to follow Him for the first time. What a blessing. People are still buzzing about the Camp Meeting we had this year.
The highlight of Camp Meeting this year was to participate in the ordination of four pastors with their wives at their side: Jean and Maxine Coffy, Malcolm and Ellen Douglas, Myles and Patty Reiner, and Mark and Pam Sulger. What a privilege it is to be the president of a Conference with such dedicated and committed Christian leaders as these men and their wives. May God continue to bless them in the ministry to which HE has called them.
From June 18 - 24 we had our annual Arizona Conference Hispanic Camp Meeting and once again I have to say it was a true blessing. The music was heavenly and insightful, and the speakers also were Spirit-filled teachers for God.
The keynote speaker Elder Esposito from Potomac Conference was truly inspired as he made several calls that led to more Bible studies and baptisms. But the last call he made was to be a small group leader, and how incredible it was to see so many people come forward to dedicate their time and finances to starting a soul-winning small group in their home. May God bless all of those decisions that were made.
On June 25 I spent most of the day in the Conference office. On the 26th I took half the day off to rest, relax, and reflect on a great camp meeting season, and to pray for our Camp Director and Camp Staff as Summer Youth Camp is just about to start. June 27th I spent most of the day in meetings at the Conference office. Then on the 28th I dedicated the day to writing articles and wrapping up my plans for the rest of the summer.
I will spend the next three days in meetings with the Pacific Union Conference Administrators in Indian Wells, California at a spiritual retreat; and hopefully be recharged from a long, busy first half of 2018. May the Lord continue to pour out His blessings on Arizona.
May tithe totaled $1,001,481.86. YTD gain is 11.01%.
We encourage our members to continue being faithful in giving -- always grateful for the many blessings God bestows upon His children!
We had the best English and Spanish camp meeting ever, with a wide variety of powerful messages of hope we were able to broadcast live and record for future distribution.   
We were honored that several Good News TV English and Spanish viewers were with us at camp, sharing their exciting testimonies of how the channels have helped change their lives. One of these five viewers, Patrick, was baptized there at camp.     
Please don't hesitate to contact us as soon as possible if you are impressed by the Lord to give a special gift to one or more of our projects.

Thank you for your continued support!
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Luke Skelton 
Media Ministry Director 


Arizona Connect
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A Communiqué from the Office of the President
June 2018
"He who has the Son has life..."  -- 1 John 5:12

It is a pleasure to share with Arizona constituents and friends the many wonderful things happening within our Conference. May you catch our vision for winning men and women, boys and girls to Jesus!

The Perfect Ten, Part Ten
The Fifth Commandment (part two)  
"Honor your mother and father, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you." Exodus 20:12
As we look at the fifth commandment again this month, coincidentally, or maybe providentially, I write this article right between Mother's Day, and Father's Day. So for this article I want to focus on the moms. We'll focus on the dads next time.
One of the greatest blessings I've ever had in my life was a good mom. My mom had a great sense of humor, a real zest for life, and a loving, caring heart for just about everyone she met. My mom seemed to always be taking in people right off the street who needed help in some way. If they were injured she'd provide the bandages; if hungry she'd feed them; if sad she was quick with a joke or good advice to cheer them up. Now most of these "needy people" were people we knew from our neighborhood, some of them were just helpless drifters.
I remember one time when mom decided to help a poor couple living on the streets. As a young kid of about 12, I couldn't understand why she would want these stinky, foul-mouthed people in our apartment. I thought, why doesn't she just give them some money and let them figure it out. But that wasn't mom's way of doing things. She believed in caring for someone who needed care. I learned a lot of valuable lessons from this wonderful Christian woman that I still carry in my heart today.
Maybe honoring our parents means a little more than just respecting them; maybe it also means learning from them. Through my mother's godly example I learned compassion which is something they usually don't teach in school. Praise the Lord for our moms!
My mother had a favorite saying which I still use today. Even when she was near death on a hospital bed dying of cancer she would say, "Every day of life is another gift from God." That simple phrase has kept me going through many difficult times in my life.
Let us honor our mothers today, always, and everyday, not just on the second Sunday of May.
Once again May was like every month of my life -- busy and exciting. The first couple of days in May were spent visiting with church members and pastors trying to keep us all motivated to serve the Lord with all our hearts.
Sabbath, May 5, Lillian and I, along with the best Executive Secretary in the NAD, Elder Jose Marin and his wife Cinthia, had the privilege of installing a new pastoral team for the Cave Creek church. Elder Sergio Moreira and his wife, Amanda, are now the pastoral team of Cave Creek as well as the Chandler Brazilian church. We are so thankful for them and their ministry.
In the last couple of months I've gotten to know our Cave Creek members better and am so grateful for these dedicated, loving Christians who are bringing the gospel to their community.
Sunday, May 6, instead of going to the Nevada/Utah Conference Constituency as I had planned, I decided to stay at home and simply pray for them.
Lillian and I went to a dog shelter and adopted a young Belgian Malinois dog. Who knows why someone who works 100 hours a week would adopt a dog, but we did and I'm glad. I didn't know much about this breed of dog before, other then the fact that they are tireless hikers. They may be the most athletic dogs in the world. They are also the choice of law enforcement and the military for the last decade or so. Kora has truly been a blessing to my wife and me in the short time we've had her. I've lost 10 pounds trying to keep up with her in the last 3 ½ weeks on our 4:30 am hikes.
The week of May 8-10 I was at La Sierra University for their constituency meeting and Pacific Union Conference meetings.
May 13, Mother's Day, Lillian and I visited the nursing home to see her mother.
Next we participated in a 25th Wedding Anniversary celebration with Elder Glenn Sta. Ana and his lovely wife, Nica, at the Camelback church rotunda. They shared a renewal of vows and even sang with their kids.
The speaker for the special celebration was our own former president, Tony Anobile, who delivered a great message centered on the many uses of silver as this was a silver anniversary. Many pastors and Conference office workers were there to celebrate with the Sta. Ana family. May God continue to bless their marriage.
The week of May 14-17 was committee week. Every two months the officers and other elected leaders from around the Conference come together to vote on the items necessary to fulfill our mission. It was a long week, but I'm always amazed at how powerfully God shows up to take care of His church in Arizona.
May 16 was the longest of those days. It's my custom when we have Executive Committee (the main governing body of the church in Arizona) to get to the office at 5:00 am to pray for the meetings. We had three committees, several visits, and an interview. By the time I got home around 11:00 pm I was very tired.
Something unique happened that day that has never happened before in my 33 years of ministry. The Board of Education, the Personnel Committee, the Executive Committee, and Departmental staff meeting all sang "Happy Birthday" to me on my 57th birthday. What a joy it is to work with godly, Christian people who care about each other and the work of God in Arizona.
Sabbath, May 19, I attended the final concert of the school year for Thunderbird Academy's band and chorale. It was an awesome program as usual. Elder Ben Purvis and his students led us closer to God with wonderfully-arranged spiritual music. Everyone I spoke to after the concert said they were blessed by this program.
Steve Shelton
On Sunday, May 20, I attended the retirement party of one of God's educators, Steve Shelton. Steve has served the Arizona Conference for over ten years and has done a marvelous job educating our youth for Jesus. Along with Education Director Gus Martin and his wife, Heidi, we participated in the activities of the day. I wish I had recorded the program because it was truly a testimony to Adventist Education. Every student who was at the program had wonderful things to say about Steve. But the thing that thrilled my heart the most was almost every one of them spoke of how their teacher led them into a deeper and better relationship with Jesus. How can you beat that?
Elder Ray Tetz
On May 22, the Lord blessed us again with a wonderful pastor's meeting arranged by Elder Jose Marin. Our featured speaker Elder Ray Tetz shared some of the most critical factors for keeping our church moving in the right direction. The fellowship was great and made me think of what heaven will be like. I'm truly thankful for the pastors we have in the Arizona Conference.
"Graduations!" The first one was for the Glenview Adventist School. What an honor to speak for this graduation. I am truly grateful for all the staff there and the great leadership of principal Brian Allison. I was especially blessed with the parent tributes that, while short and to the point, were like mini sermons with scripture and praise to God. Wow, once again a shining example of why we have an education system in the Adventist church!
Gus Martin and Eddie Turner
It was a privilege to see teacher (now pastor) Eddie Turner receive a gift and a plaque from the Glenview Adventist School for all he's done to make that school a better place. He is a good man with a big heart for God's people. We are thankful he is staying in Arizona as a pastor, but I know he will be greatly missed in the classroom. May God bless Eddie and the Turner family in their new ministry.
The second graduation I attended was Thunderbird Christian Elementary School. I can't say enough about how God has blessed this school not only through the leadership of Jeff Rogers and each of the teachers. These young people did an outstanding job of making their graduation a real blessing. A special shout out to Pastor Mark Sulger for his dynamic message of challenge as well.
The weekend of May 25-27 was really intense as I wanted to be at the graduation of Anna Wijatic, Paradise Valley member, from medical school at Loma Linda. But I did not want to miss our own Thunderbird Academy graduation. So I did both! My wife and I drove to Loma Linda and was there for the special hooding ceremony on Friday night for Anna whom I baptized nine years ago into the Adventist church. Then I flew back to Phoenix to be at TAA's graduation the next day.
Of the many TAA graduations I've been to, including my own two kids', this was one of the best. Every part of the program seemed to highlight why we do education in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The scholarships awarded were amazing, adding up to over a million dollars. No one could ever convince me we have a sub-standard educational system. In fact, in my opinion we have the best.
The graduation also included a thank you and farewell to three awesome people. Principal Terry Pottle is heading to Washington State to work for the church in the great northwest; Jonathan Kline who served us so well as our business manager; and Linda Kline who has served the academy as dean and teacher, and sat on various committees for the Conference. We are sorry to see them go and we pray for their continued blessings.
Dr. Harrison and Becky Filler
As of the writing of this article I am heading to Alabama for the graduation of my son-in-law, Harrison Filler, from Dental School at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.
Wow, what a busy month! With English and Spanish Camp Meeting coming, the high-speed pace will continue for another month at least. I'm so thankful I'm working for a Conference that is working. Jesus said "Blessed is he who is found working when His Lord returns." Matthew 24:46
April tithe totaled $1,199,576. This is an increase of $126,295 or a 11.77% change.
We encourage our members to continue being faithful in giving -- always grateful for the many blessings God bestows upon His children!

GNTV Ambassadors Jim & Michelle Ritzer, and Susan Skelton with the newest members of the Prescott SDA Church, Jane (center), and Karla (far right).   
Viewers Making Decisions
A recent Sabbath was extra-special as three more viewers became members of the Seventh-day Adventist church through following Christ in baptism. Jane and Karla  learned about the Prescott SDA Church through watching Good News TV and were warmly befriended and nurtured by Pastor Tony Jasper and members of the church.   Pastor Tony informed us that yet another viewer was baptized at the Dewey-Humboldt the same day! We are thankful for our loving church families in the areas of our TV stations in Prescott (Channel 32) and also our newest channel in Verde Valley (Channel 31), who together reach out to communities with the love of Christ and the truths in His word.  
GNTV Ambassadors Jim & Michelle Ritzer, and Susan Skelton pictured with the newest members of the Prescott SDA Church, Jane (center), and Karla (far right).  
Camp Meeting Prayer Circle
Please join us up at Camp Meeting every morning at 8:30 am starting Monday, June 11 on the concrete pad outside of the restrooms by the Communications Office for a special time of sharing and prayer. Call 480-888-6983 for more info. 
Weekly Morning Prayer Call for Arizona Conference
All are welcome as we pray for our Conference, leaders, churches, pastors, schools, members, ministries, and communities.  
Wednesdays from 7:00 am - 8:00 am 
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Join us any time during the night for as long as you wish.

Please don't hesitate to contact us as soon as possible if you are impressed by the Lord to give a special gift to one or more of the above mentioned projects.

Thank you for your continued support!
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Luke Skelton 
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Thank you for supporting your Arizona Adventist Book Center.
Sandi Bowman
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A Communiqué from the Office of the President
April 2018
"He who has the Son has life..."  -- 1 John 5:12

It is a pleasure to share with Arizona constituents and friends the many wonderful things happening within our Conference. May you catch our vision for winning men and women, boys and girls to Jesus!

The Perfect Ten, Part Eight
"The Sabbath a Delight"
"If you keep your feet from breaking the Sabbath and from doing as you please on my holy day, if you call the Sabbath a delight and the Lord's holy day honorable, and if you honor it by not going your own way and not doing as you please or speaking idle words, then you will find your joy in the Lord, and I will cause you to ride in triumph on the heights of the land and to feast on the inheritance of your father Jacob. For the mouth of the Lord has spoken."   (Isaiah 58:13-14 New International Version)
I said I was going to move to the fifth commandment in my last devotional. However, my wife reminded me of something that happened to me when I was doing my paramedic training that really shows how God works with those who honor His law. So permit me just one more week on the fourth commandment.
Like most boys, I wanted to be a fireman. As I grew older and reached adulthood, that shifted slightly to being a paramedic, partly because I wanted to not just save people from a burning building, but I wanted to be able to relieve their suffering as well.

As it turned out, I took the training to become an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). In those days there were three levels of EMT with the highest level leading to becoming a Mobil Intensive Care Paramedic (MICP). In that training there is a section of classes on how to use equipment for extricating victims of vehicular accidents. Most of that section was taught in a classroom, however there was one long day of "hands on" work scheduled in an automobile scrapyard.
That one day of field work in the scrapyard where we would learn how to use the "Jaws of Life" among other things, was scheduled on Sabbath. As a young Adventist Christian I wanted to get some advice as to whether or not this was something appropriate to do on the Sabbath. I got mixed messages. Some said it was okay because you were there to learn how to save lives. Others said since it's not really the act of saving someone's life it's not really fulfilling Jesus' words, "It is lawful to heal on the Sabbath."
I have to admit I was confused. So I prayed and asked God what I should do. Then the pastor of my church said he would write a letter for me requesting that I be permitted to take the training on another day. I shared the letter with the teacher and the administrator of the program and they both said that there is no exception or exemption given for this part of the training. If I did not participate in that training event I would not pass the class and be certified as an EMT.

I was upset but in my heart I knew I was doing the right thing. So I continued taking my classes right up to the day of the heavy equipment training.
Friday before test day I asked the instructor, "What happens if you have bad weather and can't do the class tomorrow?"

He answered, "Well, we always keep the Sunday after the scheduled date available as a rain makeup day."

So that's when the "Holy Boldness" came upon me and I said, "I'll see you Sunday."

He looked at me and said, "You've got to be kidding. There is not a cloud in the sky and the forecast for tomorrow is warm, clear, and sunny all day."

Then I told him again, "I'll see you on Sunday because God wants me to honor His Holy Sabbath."
Saturday came and it was sunny until about 8:45 am (15 minutes before the scheduled start time). Then the clouds rolled in and it started raining -- at first just a drizzle, but in just a few minutes it became a torrential downpour. The instructors had to send the class home and told them to be back Sunday at 9:00 am.
When I showed up Sunday morning I remember the feeling of joy I had when my instructor walked over to me and said, "I've heard the story of God parting the sea for Moses, but I didn't realize He saved that water to drop on my training event for one crazy kid taking an EMT class."
I was blessed once again. That's the God we serve. He knows what we need and will do whatever it takes to get us there.

I love that line in Isaiah 58, right in the middle of the passage about the Sabbath when God says that if we will honor that day, then you will find your joy in the Lord! 
March 1, I was in the office all day with the usual appointments and calls to kick off a new month. This was a month of many evangelistic meetings so I attended one of our many series in the Phoenix area.    
Evangelist Richard Halversen

Friday night I was at the Sedona church with Pastor Jack Robinson and Evangelist Richard Halversen to witness the great meetings they were holding. God truly blessed with over a dozen precious souls who joined the church through baptism.
March 4, I attended the Apache
Pastor Jose Marin 
Junction meeting held by Pastor Van Bledsoe and AZ Conference Executive Secretary Jose Marin. Again it was wonderful to see God at work as a good group of individuals made decisions to be baptized and follow God all the way.

The week of March 5-9 was spent primarily at the office in meetings and appointments.

That weekend I had the privilege of preaching at the Sahuarita church, formerly known as Green Valley. It was great to see Pastor Ron Yabut and Jennevi leading out in the worship programs of the church there. They had a beautiful service and the church was absolutely full which indicates the great work the pastor and lay people are doing.
Reggie Leach
The evening of the March 10, I was led out in our town hall meeting, along with Jose Marin, Reggie Leach, and Tanna Allison at the Desert Valley church in Tucson. God truly blessed this event. We had a great attendance and some excellent suggestions and comments came out of this meeting for the work in the Arizona Conference. It was obvious that the pastors of that community truly believe in and support Adventist Christian education.
On March 11, we had our Phoenix area town hall meeting at the Paradise Valley church. Once again the team did a super job telling how God had blessed the Conference with growth in so many areas. They also shared the challenges we are facing.

OUR CHALLENGE: The main issue, of course, was a report on the many hours of work that have gone into meeting with development groups about the Conference property. As most of you know, it is very costly to run a boarding academy. The tuition and Conference subsidy only cover about 60-70% of the actual cost of running our school. So we were reporting on the follow up we've been actively involved in after the vote at our last Constituency Meeting to do more with our Scottsdale property. Our ultimate goal is to have a continued stream of income for our academy to operate a top tier program until the Lord comes.
March 12-16 was spent in the office and at TAA in meetings. I am always amazed at how God works in these meetings when we are willing to cooperate with His Holy Spirit.
Fred and Bobby Jo Daniel
The weekend of March 16-18 was spent in Yuma with the Gila Mountain Church on Sabbath and then the Yuma town hall at the Yuma Central Church. I am very thankful for Fred and Bobby Jo Daniel who gave me a place to hang out and rest on Sabbath. What a blessing to have friends like them.  

Once again we had a great town hall, and I appreciate Pastor George Boundey and his team having everything ready for us that evening. We had representatives from every church in the southwest corner of Yuma in attendance.  

I would also like to give a special thank you to Reggie Leach for his hard work on the financial statements and his work with the committees that deal with the property issues.  

Tanna Allison
Special thanks to Jose Marin for his positive presentations on the growth of the Conference and the future events we have planned. And a very special thank you to Tanna Allison (Alumni Relations and Development for TAA) for her report and vision casting for the direction of our academy development and the heartfelt appeal she gave us to help our school in anyway possible.
On the week of March 19-22, I attended the Pacific Union Conference Executive Committee. A lot of really good discussions took place on major issues facing the church and our world today. The Arizona Conference has been truly blessed with the funds we have received from the evangelism endowment over the years I've been in Arizona. And once again we received some funding for one of our projects that will be a blessing to one of our Conference churches.
Tom Macomber 
On March 23, I joined with the VersaCare group at the Biltmore Conference Center in Phoenix and gave the devotional. I was truly thankful for the invitation by President Tom Macomber. He holds a personal place in the heart of our family since he taught my son's and daughter's Sabbath school class at the Paradise Valley Church.
Tony Jasper 

On Sabbath March 24, I preached at the Prescott Church and was amazed at the attendance. Speaking with Elder Lari Long before the service, I commented, "You have no more room, that's a good problem." I am truly thankful for Pastor Tony Jasper and the leadership of that church. Seeing every seat full shows the church is definitely going in the right direction.  

Since the church had an afternoon program, I was blessed to go to the home of Tom La Jeunesse and his wife, and some other family and friends, for a wonderful meal and time of fellowship.  

That evening we concluded our town hall meetings at the Prescott church and once again came away with a list of suggestions for the future of our academy and
the work in the Arizona Conference.  
Gabe Romero

Thank you to Gabe Romero and his very young team of cameramen who videotaped our town hall and live-streamed it live to anyone who wanted to see it.
On March 25, I spent most of the day writing articles, letters, and reports for various individuals and organizations, and preparing for all our Conference committees. 

Elephant Mountain Trail

Thankfully, I was fortunate to take a short hike that morning at Elephant Mountain in the Cave Creek area.
The week of March 25-29 was committee week at the Arizona Conference. Every other month we have a week of non-stop committees that deal with just about everything the Conference does to keep running effectively for the Lord's work. I am truly thankful for the positive, brilliant, and godly Christian leaders we have serving on all of these committees.
My God continue to bless His Arizona Conference.
February tithe totaled $1,009,607. This is a 16.36% increase.
We encourage our members to continue being faithful in giving -- always grateful for the many blessings God bestows upon His children!
One Arizona pastor recently reported that three of the last four baptisms at his church were GNTV viewers. He further shared, "It seems that there is another viewer that walks through the doors of our church about every couple of weeks."
Richard from Surprise says, "We watch your Good News TV channel every day, every SINGLE day, and we love you and your channel so much! We started watching your channel about four years ago. I stopped on your channel, and said to my wife, "Hey, they are teaching from the Bible. We'd better check this channel out!" He continues, "We kept watching, and liked what we saw. We eventually came to the Wickenburg Church, and as soon as we stepped through the door we knew, this is home! Now," Richard told us, "we host a Bible study group at our house every month."
Margie in Tucson says, "Last week I rescanned and found your channel! I wanted to call and tell you all that I can't stop watching, its fantastic! I love you! The programing is a wonderful thing, and this is the best thing that could have happened! Our society needs this so much. Thank everyone there for me, and congratulations on coming to Tucson! I found the church closest to me and plan to attend."
A viewer in Litchfield Park has been watching the channel for a few years, and she wants to be baptized. She says, "I get all of my programming from you guys. If I didn't have Good News TV then I would have no foundation at all. The Lord has recently given me victory over alcohol. I just learned last week from your channel that hell is not a place of burning forever. That was a 'game changer' for me, and I am trying to share it with everyone. This information needs to be proclaimed broadly. I send everyone I meet to Good News TV... You guys are amazing. You're always there to answer the phone for me, and I praise the Lord for you. Will you please pray for me before I get off the phone?"
Mary in Phoenix first called GNTV way back in early 2014, wanting to attend one of our local churches and requesting Bible studies. Through the years she called for more information about local church and Conference events that she saw promoted on GNTV. These included prophecy seminars, health classes, and Conference events such as a Breath of Life Revival weekend. Since then she continued to watch GNTV, take Bible studies, and attend local church services and events.  Pastor Myles and her Phoenix Central Church family recently welcomed her as an official member of the  church by Profession of Faith. 
There are many wonderful events our local churches host. We want our viewers to know about them so they, like Mary, can come and be blessed, make friends, and be nurtured by the local church family. To promote your event to the communities of Phoenix metro, Yuma, Prescott, Flagstaff, Payson, Verde Valley and Tucson metro, please email us at or call 480-264-1116.
Luke Skelton 
Media Ministry Director 
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The Bookmobile will be on the road through April 22! 
Watch your mail and email for our full schedule, times, and specials!  We have modified our "normal" bookmobile schedule, so please look closely for the dates and times for your church! For additional information or to place a pre-order please contact us at 480-991-8501 or email us at To view our bookmobile flyer on-line go to: and click on the Spring Bookmobile link.
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Thank you for supporting your Arizona Adventist Book Center.

Sandi Bowman
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The internationally acclaimed King's Heralds quartet brings to the stage a ninety-year heritage in gospel music.
April 9: 7 pm. Kingman SDA Church, 4450 N. Arizona St., Kingman, AZ.

April 14: 11 am. Camelback Seventh-day Adventist Church, 5902 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018
April 1-4: Adventist WestPoint. Long Beach, CA. Adventist WestPoint is the premier ministry training event for pastors and leaders in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Long Beach Renaissance Hotel, 111 East Ocean Blvd., Long Beach, CA. Info: PUC Ministerial Department, Phone: 805-413-7264.


Arizona Connect
Ed Keyes, President
Phil Draper, Editor
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Cottonwood Seventh-day Adventist Church
51 West Mingus Ave | Cottonwood, AZ 86326