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The Power of the Gospel

   Power,  What do we need in our Christian experience?   Power.  Where does
power come from?  
   I was driving to work today and drove past the APS Cholla power plant in Joseph
City, Arizona.  I got to thinking about the power and how it relates to our Christian life.
Why do we need a power plant?  What if you plugged in the vacuum cleaner and
there was no power plant?  It would not work.  And why not.   You can't get power
out from the power grid unless there is power put into it.  So it is with our Christian life.
   How do you put power into your life?   What did Jesus do?  He prayed daily to
His father in heaven.  We need to do the same to receive the power of the holy spirit
in our lives.  When the latter rain falls, we need to have received the former rain
through the daily walk with Jesus and reading His word.  When the ten virgins
slumbered and slep and were awakened by the coming of the Bridegroom, something
was different between them.  When they woke up the oil had run out of their lamps,
but 5 had extra oil that refreshed their lamps and 5 did not.  How do you get that
oil and that power?  It is through the daily walk with God in prayer and Bible study.
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