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Dec 7 Pearl Harbor Day Anniversary
   Dec 7, 1941 a day to be remembered in Infamy; a small battle compared to the battle for the Soul. 
   Dec 7 marks the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese which launched the United States into
full scale battle on the Pacific Front.  This battle was fought valiantly which ended in victory after the bombing of
Hiroshima and Nagasaki which forced the Japanese into surrender.   


   This reminds me of the great controversy, which began in heaven with a whisper campaign by Lucifer charging
God as being unfair and self serving rather than having the best interests of His subjects at heart.  Satan and his
angels were banished to earth from heaven while all heaven and the unfallen worlds watch with interest.   Satan
thought he had achieved the victory at the cross and endeavored to hold Jesus in the tomb.  However Jesus raised
Himself up and is coming back to claim his people from earth.  


   The devil is still at work seeking to discourage souls in the love of God and from following Him with obedience
to His commandments.  Will you be found ready when Jesus comes?   Ready to take your stand on the side of truth
and affirm the love of God?  

   The battle is not yet over, today is the day of Salvation.   Won't you claim his promises to save you from the perils
of sin and be ready to meet him?   If you wish to be ready to meet Jesus and desire to learn more about Him and
how to be ready, enroll in a Bible Study Course or contact our Pastor.
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