Bulletins and Sermons

Bulletins & Sermons

 Bulletin                                   Speaker                            Sermon Title

2018-10-20 Elder Jim Stevens God Isn't Finished With Me Yet


Elder Jim Stevens                        Jesus important lesson for his disciples
2018-09-29 Elder Jim Stevens From Pilot to Preacher
2018-09-22 Elder Jim Stevens Armageddon                                               
2018-09-15 Pastor Meant for Good
2018-09-08 Pastor To Tell or Not To Tell
2018-09-01 Pastor Restoring Life
2018-08-18 Pastor Restoring Sanity
2018-08-11 Az Sonshine Int Lives Touched
2018-08-04 Pastor Restoring Usefullness
2018-07-28 Elder John Allen Love Letters
2018-07-21 Pastor

Restoring Community

2018-07-14 Pastor Restoring Vision
2018-07-07 Elder Jac Colon                      America, Is it Free
2018-06-30 Elder Jac Colon       It is, what is it?   
2018-06-23 Pastor Bob Lawson Down From the Mountain
  Az Campmeeting  
2018-06-09 Az Campmeeting  
2018-06-02 Pastor Bob Lawson They May Forget
2018-05-26 Elder Don Quick Thou Shalt Not Kill
2018-05-19 Pastor Bob Lawson The Call to Remember
2018-05-12 Pastor Bob Lawson Seeking the Truth in Love
2018-05-05 Elder John Schachinger Like an Airport
2018-04-28 Elder Al Scott Take Away the Stone
2018-04-21 Pastor A Day of Days
2018-04-14 Elder Jac Colon From Cockpit to Pulpit
2018-04-07 Elder Jim Stevens 1:30 pm Evangelism Prep Meeting
2018-04-07 Elder Jim Stevens Seeing is Believing
2018-03-31 Pastor Bob Lawson Home At Last                                               






2018-09-07 to 2018-10-19           Elder Jim Stevens                  Prophecy Seminar

2018-09-07 Elder Jim Stevens           Our Day in Bible Prophecy
2018-09-08   Will There Ever Be Lasting World Peace?
2018-09-09   Truth About Life After Life
2018-09-11   How Near Is The End?
2018-09-12   Bible Mathematics
2018-09-14   Why Innocent People Suffer
2018-09-15   How to Be Assured of Eternal Life
2018-09-18   Key to Peace and Security



God's Way to A Happy Life                     




God's Answer to Evolution


2018-09-22   The Word's Greatest Cover Up
2018-09-23   How to Feel Better & Increase Happiness
2018-09-25   Where Are Our Beloved Dead?
2018-09-26   Truth About Hell
2018-09-28   Seal of God

How to Get Your Prayers Answered

From Pilot to Preacher

How to Erase Your Past Mistakes Forever

2018-10-02   How to Live Longer and Healthier

Earth's Final Judgement in Heaven

2018-10-05   Truth About the Antichrist

Biblical Gift of Healing

2nd Coming of Elijah

Why So Many Churches

2018-10-09   Revelation Reveals Gods Last Appeal to Man
2018-10-10   Unpardonable Sin The Sin God Cannot Forgive
2018-10-12   666 The Mark of the Beast

SS Bible Study

Jesus Most Important Lesson to His Disciples

US of A:  Last Great Nation in Revelation's Prophecy

2018-10-16   Secret of the Modern Prophets
2018-10-17   Prophetic Secret to Financial Security

The Second Coming of Jesus

2018-10-20                                        The Fatal Mistake of Judas

                                                                 Jesus Isn't Finished with Me Yet